Terms and Conditions

  • Each application must be approved. Any submitted application and booking fee is an intention to reside until it has been reviewed and approved. You will receive an email confirmation if your application has been successful and at which time the remainder of the booking fee will be due. I agree to abide by the licence to reside.

  • Accommodation may be reserved by a submitting the required booking fee.  This fee can be paid by Cheque, by bank transfer or via our Online credit card facility. 
  • Should you cancel prior to paying the remainder of the accommodation fee, please note the booking fee payment is non refundable.

Any student that cancels and has already paid the required fees in full (deposit and term payment) please note this payment is non refundable.

  • Please note that not all preferences are guaranteed.  We will however endeavour to provide you with your accommodation preferences.

  • Should payment be made by Bank transfer, all foreign exchange banking and 3rd party charges resulting will be the responsibility of the student.

  • Household bills including taxes amount to €25 per student per week this will be deducted from your booking fee/term payment.

  • ChubbProperty.com also reserve the right to request additional funds should the heat and electric charges exceed deposit.  

  • Any student in a room share must be aware that Chubb Property can refill a space should it become vacated.

  • Chubb Property reserve the right to move students to another apartment within the building. Please note that this is not a normal occurrence and will only be done if the management feel it is absolutely necessary.  

  • Insurance cover for personal belongings is not covered in the rental agreement.

  • Students are responsible for their own TV Licence.

  • Chubb Property reserve the right to terminate a lease with notice in the event that the student is in breach of the terms and conditions.

  • Students are responsible for the upkeep of the apartment and must ensure that the property is left in good condition. Inspections may be carried out with notice by management during the term.

  • This is a non-smoking complex. 


  • Payment by Credit Card: online payment facility
  • Cheque or bank draft to be made out to:  Chubb Property Limited

   JBs Student Campus, 9 – 12 Navan Road, Dublin 7  (please allow 7 working days for cheque to clear prior to arrival)

CAO applicants :  Full Payment due by 22nd August 2018 

Part payment:  Individual Houses only
1st Term:     in advance of arrival
2nd Term:    due by  2nd December

Licence to reside Fee payment:  For JBs Student Campus, Dublin 7
Due:   The full term is payable in advance of arrival 

You may apply for accommodation using our secure online form or by printing and mailing to us the application form.